Decoding A Man's Facebook Profile: 10 Red Flags

His Friends: If his mom is his only other friend, chances are he spends his Friday nights at home watching the Game Show Network. On the other hand, a man with over 1,000 pals may have a problem saying “no.” In any case, any dude who needs to know what everyone and anyone is up to may focus on other people because his own life is a bore.

His Groups: It’s nice to see that a man has interests, but if he belongs to more groups than a teenage girl trying to climb the social ladder, it may mean that he desperately seeks approval and will jump on the bandwagon regardless of where it’s going.

What He’s a Fan Of: A guy who “likes” literally everything (people, products, brands, events, groups, cartoon characters, you name it) seems a bit desperate. While he could indeed be into all these things, his “likes” may just be a facade of the image he wants to project.

His Requests: Any guy who isn’t a celebrity, working performer or professional athlete but asks people to be a “fan” of him is either bigheaded or so insecure that he needs near-constant reminders that his “friends” like him. Reject the request and find a guy with a normal sense of self.

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This article was originally published at Glo. Reprinted with permission from the author.