When Your Partner Suffers From Depression

“I sometimes prefer to deny that I am feeling depressed, especially if I think you will judge me for it. It’s easier to get angry at you and blame you for my feelings.”

“When I am depressed, I cannot see ‘the other side,’ that place where everyone thinks I will get to after I get ‘through’ the depression. It just feels too hard when I am depressed. I cannot ‘snap out of it,’ though I desperately wish I could.”

“I may tell you that you should break up with/divorce me, because I can see how my illness is impacting your life. But what I really need is for you to be there for me, and help me through this. It’s my depression talking, not the person who fell in love with you.”

“If I am becoming depressed, I may not actually realize that’s what’s happening. It’s easier to recognize from the outside than from the inside. Although it might be hard for both if us, I need to hear that you are noticing changes in my mood and behavior, because the sooner I get [back into] treatment, the better!”

If you're the partner of someone battling depression, you no doubt play a key role in your loved one's quest to live a happy life.  You already know that living with someone who's depressed can be a challenge, demanding insight, patience, commitment, and more.  Be sure to take care of yourself as you support your partner.

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