Gift Mom A Walk Down Memory Lane With This Personalized Video Book For Mother's Day

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The 'Memories' Motion Book Is An Unforgettable Mother's Day Gift Mom Will Love

You may not love revisiting those awkward bangs you gave yourself back in 2012 or thinking about the pop-punk phase you went through in high school, but there's one person who has watched you go through life every step of the way, beaming with pride, and that's your one and only mom.

Your mom has been there through it all, so why not surprise her with a flood of good memories this Mother's Day — the perfect way to show her how much you appreciate everything she's done for you. While flowers are wonderful, accompanying them with something a little more sentimental can go a long way. 

The "Memories" Motion Book is the perfect way to put a smile on your mom's face this year.

It's easy to personalize the video book by uploading your favorite photos right before wrapping, so when she opens up her Mother's Day gift she'll be overcome with a flood of unforgettable memories.

Your mom can have gorgeous slideshows right at her fingertips that she can look at whenever she wants to take a little stroll down memory lane. 

Make Mother's Day one to remember with The "Memories" Motion Book, now over 25% off at just $94.99.


There's nothing more fun than sifting through old photo albums — there really is something to be said about having tangible pieces of your favorite memories to hold forever (even if those old moments are more embarrassing than anything else). But today, all of our photos are stored on phones and computers, and searching for them every once in a while hardly has the same effect as physical photo albums do. 

The "Memories" Motion book brings the classic photo album together with today's digital age, giving you a unique digital photo album you can treasure and pass down for many years to come. Whether you choose to put your old wedding photos in it or fill it with pics of your baby's latest photo session, moms, grandmas, and aunties will love this modern answer to the old school photo album, making it a true Mother's Day treat.

No matter how hard you try, your mom will never quite understand all the memes you send her on Instagram, and that's okay. But if you're worried a digital photo album may be a little too complicated to figure out, you don't sweat it.

Uploading your photos onto The "Memories" Motion Book is incredibly easy. Once the photos are loaded on from your computer via its included USB cable, they're ready to go, no editing or sorting required.

And thanks to the book's 4GB memory, you can play plenty of photos and videos, no problem, viewing them on the stunning 7-inch IPS display. It even boasts a 2,500mAh rechargeable battery that gives you 4 hours of playtime when playing videos and more than 12 months' worth on standby.

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Unlike gifts that don't last past Mother's Day, The "Memories" Motion Book is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Great for keeping on the coffee table or on a bookshelf, your mom will love the fact that she can whip it out and enjoy it anytime she wants.

She can even show it off to her friends and family when they come over, reliving all her favorite moments again and again. It even comes with a handy protective sleeve to keep the book in pristine condition in between viewings. It's no wonder the "Memories" books have earned lots of attention online, including 4.9 stars on both Amazon and Etsy with 90 reviews.

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Make Mother's Day one to remember with The "Memories" Motion Book, now over 25% off at just $94.99.

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