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Sleep Better At Night & Stress Less During The Day With These Revolutionary Cloudy Supplements

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Sleep Better At Night & Stress Less During The Day With Cloudy Supplements

If you’d consider yourself a certified insomniac, you’re not alone. Stop tossing and turning to meet the sandman, and finally get a solid night’s sleep with the $100 Cloudy Melatonin eGift Card for $79

Plant-powered Cloudy supplements are the help you need to get your life back on track.

Whether you have trouble falling asleep, relaxing, or are constantly battling anxiety, the Cloudy supplements can tackle it all. There’s an array of calming products to choose from depending on your most bothersome issue.

Cloudy supplements are plant-powered, vegan, and cruelty-free — they contain no drugs or controlled substances and use a medley of natural ingredients in their products. Made in the form of yummy gummies, they taste as good as they make you feel once the calm starts to set in. 

Life is chaotic, stressful, and often happens faster than we can keep up. Cloudy supplements were created to provide support on nights we can't shut off our brains and for days we simply need to decompress.

Manage your mood, emotions, and mental state by treating yourself to these science-backed relaxation gummies. 

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If insomnia is holding your dreams hostage, you’ll love the Mellows Relaxing Sleep Gummies — and you can use Cloudy Calmies Gummies to keep your stress at bay during the daytime.

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Get the $100 Cloudy Melatonin eGift Card for $79 (originally $100), a savings of 25%!


These adaptogen-powered supplements aren’t your average melatonin and will leave you feeling refreshed when you wake. Combine the Mellows with the Melatonin Diffuser for an exceptional aromatherapy experience, leaving you with the same residual effect of a high-end spa. Awaken peacefully from a deep slumber and feel like a brand new person!     

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Calming the mind makes a huge difference in your mental and physical health.

Learning to de-stress after a long day of work, sleep through the night or try to keep your mind from spinning, can all be incredibly daunting tasks. With a little supplemental assistance from your Cloudy goodies, you’ll instantly feel more relaxed. When you wake up well-rested, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. A calm mind is a clear mind — you’ll be amazed at your increased productivity! 

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Interrupted sleep can affect how we function the next day and can either make or break how we get through it. Sometimes, no matter what alternative calming methods we try or how exhausted we are, rest just doesn’t come organically. Cloudy’s tranquil collection of products includes body butter, gummies, spray, a diffuser, etc.— choose your own journey to a calmer state of well-being.

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Join happy Cloudy customers and get in on the relaxation.

Cloudy Supplements are changing lives and helping people feel better. Say goodbye to restless nights and reclaim your once harmonious sleep schedule. One happy customer, Leslie, said, “WHEN I TELL YOU THAT THIS STUFF PUT ME TO SLEEPPPP!! I mean that I slept for hours and woke feeling like a whole new person! Definitely worth the wait and definitely worth the price. Won’t have to wake up tired anymore. LOVE ITTT!”

The Cloudy Melatonin eGift Card makes a great gift for that person in your life who needs a little self-care. Rest and relaxation are the keys to happiness, and this gift may be the help they need. 

Lack of sleep and daily overwhelm can lead to serious health issues, and it’s extremely imperative we are proactive in taking preventative measures. Cloudy’s mission is all about helping the world find a sense of inner peace and values the gravity of achieving a healthy psychological balance. Cloudy supports mental health activism by donating a portion of proceeds to NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) and strives to spread awareness about its importance. 

Get the $100 Cloudy Melatonin eGift Card for $79 (originally $100), a savings of 25%!


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