Monthly Cancer Love Horoscope

January 2022

During January Venus will be retrograde and conjunct Pluto in your seventh house of relationships, which can change some of your current relationship dynamics. You may notice yourself starting to reevaluate some of your values, needs, and preferences when it comes to how you connect with others and who you connect with. This retrograde period can be used for mending things with people and healing certain relationships from your past, or past issues with your current partnerships.

Although because it's also conjunct Pluto this can intensify emotions and make things appear to be bigger than they actually are. The saving grace is that all of this is happening in the sign of Capricorn and this sign likes to engage from a direct, logical, and practical viewpoint. So if situations or people from your past come up, try to see it as a way to heal and gain closure on certain romantic cycles in your life.

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