Monthly Pisces Love Horoscope

January 2022

Venus retrograde will be occurring in your eleventh house of aspirations and friendship, which can bring back old connections into your life or unexpected connections into your life. With Jupiter officially going into your sign which happened on December 28, 2021, this means that the way you come across to others will have a larger-than-life feel, or that you may easily attract people to you because of the jovial nature which Jupiter produces.

Because of this, you may find that all next year will be a great time to make new friends, reconnect with people from your past, or that doors may just open for you without much effort. Mercury will be going retrograde on January 14, 2022, and since Mercury is the ruler of your seventh house of relationships you may notice some miscommunications and misunderstandings with your partner or with people in general. Although because Jupiter is in your first house you may find it easier to reconcile your differences and move on from any conflict at this time.

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