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2021 Tarot reading for Aquarius — King of Wands, Reversed

Aquarius, slow down.

The King of Wands is a leader, and when he is reversed he is an imposing, controlling leader.

You’re probably doing this subconsciously, but this year you will feel the urge to take charge or insert yourself where you were not invited.

The reversed King of Wands can be harsh and domineering. In your head, you may think that you are helping or just trying to do your own thing, but to others, it can come off as controlling or even selfish.

If people get mad at you this year and it feels out of the blue, take a step back and think about how your actions may have been perceived by them. Are you helping, or are you overbearing?

These conflicts can be avoided, but you must be aware that they are afoot.

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