Yearly Capricorn Horoscope


2021 Mantra: Life will not go according to my plan, but it doesn’t mean it’s not all part of the divine plan.

The year ahead will challenge you more than most, but that’s also how we grow. There has been a massive shift in our collective energy from your sign to that of Aquarius and it’s one that most often is uncomfortable for you.

Adding to that is the massive stellium of seven planets in Aquarius in February could mean that month is especially one where you’re going to have a hold onto a whole lot of faith that things are happening as their meant to-even if it’s not what or how you thought they’d go. You tend to get stuck in places you don’t really belong all because you’re afraid to move one.

Now you there’s no other choice because as doors close there will be no option but to open others. It’s okay to feel scared or uncertain, but it doesn’t mean that needs to stop you from living the life that is meant for you-whether you planned it or not.

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