Yearly Gemini Horoscope


2021 Mantra: It’s safe for me to fully be myself.

It’s a big one this year for you and that means it’s also time to be who you truly are and not who the world has told or even taught you to be. While the Eclipses will still continue to occur in your sign next year, it’s not just about that but about you wearing a mask.

This year it’s time to take the mask off. It’s time to be you. To be vulnerable, real, heartfelt, and let it all out. You can’t say you want something then be surprised it can’t reach you through the walls you put up. Maybe the truth will hurt this year, but it may also be exactly what you need as well in order to get to the other side.

For the most part, you have all the tools to figure out exactly who you are and what you want from life-now it’s the time to believe it and stop looking for those lessons so that the blessings can finally find you.

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