Yearly Scorpio Horoscope


2021 Mantra: I allow myself to receive what it is I most want.

While it can be beneficial to feel like we’re always living in a state of chaos or conflict because it allows us to revel in our deep emotions, even enjoying the feeling of melancholy or moroseness-it’s also safe to step away from the safety net of thinking it won’t work out.

This is your work for the next year. With an influx of air energy, it’s going to challenge your old storylines that have previously thrived off the wounds you haven’t yet been ready to heal-or believed you already had. But what you’re learning is true healing doesn’t begin until you start making different decisions.

This means allowing yourself to believe it can work; whatever it is, whether a career, a big move or especially in the love department. It can work, at least if you believe it will. Now is the time to take a deep breath and step away from the idea that there’s anything romantic about living in lack.

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