Yearly Virgo Horoscope


2021 Mantra: I am always in a constant state of healing and becoming better.

This is an important year for you Virgo because you give up the idea that there is a destination you must reach.

While you have held yourself to these ideas or beliefs that happiness or confidence, even healing or fulfillment will be reached once you’ve achieved a certain thing or level of your life-you are letting go of all that now.

Last year likely held a lot of mourning regarding this, not because it’s sad but because it’s an entirely new way to live.

It’s more open but it also means that we have to be more aware of where we are since there’s not going to be a big sign announcing that we’ve arrived. To live and grow is to heal and to heal is to become better.

The better we become the better our lives become which as well means we attract better. In all areas.

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