Complete The Puzzle & Scan The Code For Your Chance To Win Up To $1 Million

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From crazy high gas prices to that guy who ghosted you last week, we all could really use a win these days. And while life seems to be handing us nothing but lemons these days, there's a chance to find some sweet, delicious lemonade in the most unexpected of places — like a puzzle. 

Before you roll your eyes at this old-school pastime favored by grannies all over the globe, you may want to think twice before passing it up. That's because, unlike the puzzles you've done around the dinner table with your family in the past, this one can actually put money in your pocket.

Yes, that's right, The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle guarantees everyone who completes it comes out a little bit richer, whether it be with a couple of bucks or the grand jackpot: $1 million big ones. 

Get the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, for just $30 (for a limited time).


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Sure, scrolling through TikTok may have you cracking up into the wee hours of the morning, but it's admittedly a terrible way to spend your time. Instead, why not challenge yourself with a game?

This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is the perfect level of challenge — not too impossible that you'll want to give up after an hour, but not so easy that you'll get bored after 10 minutes.

While there are 2 puzzles released that can win you $1 million dollars, hence its name, this puzzle is never a complete waste of time — everyone who completes it comes out a winner, with prizes ranging from $1 all the way to a cool $1 million. Talk about being productive with your downtime. 

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle is like a trip to the gym for your brain. Just like leg day or some quick cardio with a jog around the block, your brain deserves just as much action as your body does.

From helping to keep your memory sharp to teaching you to think faster on your feet, stimulating your brain can really do you some good. Puzzles are a great way to exercise your mind, as they've been proven to strengthen connections between brain cells, improve your visual-spatial reasoning, and more.

Treating yourself to The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle is a great alternative to some of the other less stimulating habits you've been engaging in lately, like watching the same Real Housewives episodes over and over again or indulging in the 2 glasses of wine that have snuck into your nightly routine.

You can even invite a friend over to help you complete it, as long as you're cool splitting the potential jackpot. 

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Increase your chances of winning by holding a puzzle marathon.

When you go to the penny slots at your favorite casino, you don't play one round and quit. You test your luck by going for a few spins. The same can be said with The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle. That's why you have the option of buying it in packs of two, three or even four, giving you more wins and a higher chance of snagging that coveted $1 million dollar prize. 

Finding out your winnings is easy: once the puzzle is completed, you'll see that you've put together a unique QR code. Just like you would at a restaurant or retail store, simply hold your smartphone over the puzzle and wait for the camera to capture it. You'll then be directed to the site where you'll see how much you've won.

If you're feeling lucky, spend your next Saturday night piecing together the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, now just $30 until May 31st! 


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