Save Up To 60% On Hotels This Summer With This Must-Have Subscription

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You've been working your butt off lately, from your regular job to that new side hustle you've been rocking. But when it comes down to budgeting for a vacation, it feels like everything is too expensive.

It's not your fault — between pricey hotels, expensive eats, and the cute vacay wear you recently treated yourself to, even a weekend trip can manage to break the bank if you don't have the right tools at your disposal. 

If you're wondering how so many people can afford to go on vacations this summer, perhaps the secret lies in not paying full price on things like lodging, transportation, shopping, and wherever else. And that's where Launching Travel comes into play.

For the deeply discounted price of just $19.99, for a limited time you can save a jaw-dropping amount of green on vacation essentials through Launching Travel, which means you can start packing your bags and get traveling! 


An exclusive membership means stellar savings on hotels, luxury brands, and special services.

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While an exclusive membership to Launching Travel can save you a pretty penny on your summer trips, it can continue to keep the deals coming all year long.

For just $19.99, this is a pretty awesome deal, considering that Launching Travel can save you up to 60% on hotels, up to 20% on car rentals, and more, whether you choose to jet off to the next town over or across the country. 

While deals are always changing and vary based on the specifics of your trip, Launching Travel members can expect access to some great deals, like 20% off a four-night stay at the Viceroy in Washington DC, up to 15% off hotel rooms at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, FL and more. Hey, with deals that good you may be able to swing a couple of trips this summer instead of the typical one — the world is your oyster, after all.

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In addition to travel expenses, a Launching Travel membership can also save you some serious bucks on shopping and dining.

If you've ever gone on a trip somewhere, you know you tend to spend just as much (if not more) on food, shopping and events in addition to more basic travel costs. That's why the brilliant minds behind Launching Travel ensure you save lots on other activities, including shopping and vegging out on your favorite eats. 

With a year-long membership, you can expect two $25 e-gift cards to the top-rated, which offers you deals on tons of local eats, whether you dine-in, take-out, or even get food delivered. You'll also receive $110 in "Gift Giving" value cards, cash back at 500 different stores, exclusive coupons to over 10,000 popular sites and so much more. You'll also become privy to current deals in a weekly newsletter along with two magazine subscriptions.

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Working with Launching Travel is never complicated, and it makes saving incredibly easy.

Sure these deals sound fantastic, so what's the catch? Complicated coupon retrievals or hard-to-use codes? No and no. Unlike other money-saving subscriptions out there, Launching Travel is designed to make your experience as seamless as possible. That's why it offers members a user-friendly shopping platform and rewarding membership services. It also continues to rotate deals so you're always saving on new and exciting things, proving your subscription to be worth its weight in gold — you'll surely use it all year-round. 

Start packing your bags and book your next trip with a one-year subscription to Launching Travel, where you'll save on hotels, rental cars, and more for the discounted rate of just $19.99, over half off its regular price. But act fast, this deal will only be around until 6/19!


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