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Get Control Of Your Anxiety With The Rootd App — Therapist-Approved & Designed To Help Curb Panic Attacks

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Get Ahead Of Your Anxiety During Mental Health Awareness Month With This Therapist-Approved Wellness App

Even if you have a job you love, supportive friends, and a pet to cuddle with at home, stress, and anxiety can creep in without any warning. But since these uneasy feelings can come in all different shapes and sizes, symptoms can be as diverse as our Starbucks orders and the journey to finding peace in your mind and body is incredibly personal.

Whether you've managed to push anxiety aside and get through the day or your sleepless nights are starting to affect your day to day, being in tune with your mental health is incredibly important.

So in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, set aside a little time for some self-love with the help of Rootd, a highly-rated app designed to teach you how to deal with anxiety, panic attacks, and more.

Get a lifetime subscription to the Rootd Anxiety & Meditation App for only $59.99 (60% off!)


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The Rootd App is like having an anti-anxiety tool kit right in your pocket.

Thankfully, these days, the idea of going to therapy is seen as a productive way to maintain good health, not anything to be ashamed of as many generations before often believed. But as good as your therapist may be, they're not necessarily available 24/7, like when your panic attack hits in the middle of a party at 10 PM on a Saturday night. 

Always ready to give you some mental health tools and advice when you need it most, the Rootd app gives you a place to check in with yourself and identify what exactly you're feeling, along with ways to help make yourself feel better.

From breathing exercises to digital journals, this therapist-approved app is designed to help you identify stressors and give you the confidence to bring yourself back down to a calm state whenever you need it.

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When it comes to anxiety, it's personal. Different things can invoke anxiety, everyone has their own triggers, trauma, and genetic makeup that dictate their mental health state.

There's no one single treatment or way of thinking that can bring peace to everyone suffering from stress or anxiety. That's why Rootd uses a personalized approach to their content, catering it to your exact needs and feelings. 

Through the app, you'll have the opportunity to identify how you're feeling at that moment, recording it so you can look back on it later and monitor your mental state over time, helping you to recognize patterns you may get caught up in. You'll then be given a wide range of meditation exercises to choose from, whether it be soothing nature sounds to combat sleepless nights or guided visualizations that take your mind to a whole other place — like a sunny island when you're actually stuck behind your desk at work.

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Buy a lifetime subscription to the Rootd Anxiety & Meditation App for $59.99 (60% off!)


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Put healing into your own hands.

Oftentimes, when you feel anxious, it's easy to turn to your partner or bestie or rely on unhealthy habits to cope. And while that isn't always a bad thing in moderation, it's important to understand how to help yourself so you don't have to depend on anyone else when you're feeling anxious or suffering from a panic attack.  

Featured in Cosmopolitan, Healthline, Bustle, CNET, and more, Rootd users appear to benefit greatly from the app's thoughtful lessons and readily available tools to help make a significant change. Rootd offers all kinds of different lessons, from understanding what anxiety actually is to how to make long-term changes in your life to managing anxiety and taking more control over your life. There's even a panic button you can press when you're experiencing a panic attack and an emergency call button.

Compatible with most iOS and Android devices, people all over the US are benefiting from Rootd's helpful meditations, lessons, and resources. In fact, it's earned 4.8 out of 5 stars on the App Store and 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store, with nearly 18,000 reviews combined. 

This Mental Health Awareness Month, do yourself a favor and ease anxiety with a lifetime subscription to the Rootd Anxiety & Meditation App, now 60% off at just $59.99.


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