This Smart Planter Pod Takes The Guesswork Out Of Growing Your Own Fresh Herbs (No Green Thumb Required)

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Pico Smart Planter Pod

From wearing a pore-minimizing face mask to snuggling on the couch with a book and a giant glass of wine, we all have our different forms of self-care. And when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere at home, whether you're in a three-bedroom house or a studio apartment, the benefits of keeping living plants are seemingly endless.

Having plants at home can purify the air you breathe, lighten your mood, and elevate your interior decor, but if you're one of those people who seems to kill plants the second they enter your home, you shouldn't have to forego the incredible things having plants can bring into your life. That's where this innovative indoor planter herb garden comes into play. 

The Pico Smart Planter is a revolutionary indoor pot with it's own growing light and self-watering technology that helps you grow your favorite herbs and houseplants wherever you want, whenever you want.

PICO Planter Herb Garden, $39.99 (18% off!)


Whether you have a seasoned green thumb or two left feet, figuratively speaking, this innovative PICO planter is a great way to enjoy the many benefits plants and herbs can bring to your home. That's because it comes equipped with everything a growing plant needs to live a full, happy life — like built-in OSRAM LED grow lights designed to energize plants and herbs with necessary wavelengths, keeping them alive without you having to do much at all. 

And before you write off having a plant because the thought of having to remember to water it is just too much to bear, there's some good news coming your way: the PICO planter waters itself! That's because the planter boasts a self-watering system that draws the exact amount of water it needs to stay healthy.

Thanks to this, you never have to stress about overwatering or underwatering your plants and herbs, which is one of the main reasons they tend to die. All you have to do is fill its water supply once a week and you're good to go. 

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No space is too small for the PICO planter.

Sure, you may be able to squeeze in a plant or two into your apartment, but an entire herb garden? Forget it. But thanks to the game-changing PICO planter, you can grow mouth-watering mint, savory rosemary, yummy basil and so much more, no matter how small of a space you're living in these days. 

The PICO planter can do its thing anywhere, whether you place it on a kitchen countertop, mount it to your wall, or hang it in the corner of your bedroom.

While this planter looks super compact (and oh-so-adorable), it's capable of accommodating a growing plant, featuring telescopic height adjustment that can stand as high as nine inches. But why stop at just one herb?

You can create an entire herb garden indoors with multiple PICO planters, as they come equipped with connectable daisy chain cables that allow you to extend the watering network and share the water supply.

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The Pico smart planter is changing the way we garden, one herb at a time.

If you're impressed by the innovation behind the PICO planter herb garden, you're not alone. In fact, this thing garnered so much attention when it was first launched, it earned over a million bucks in funding on Kickstarter, with over 1,750 backers. No one can deny the value of this game-changing gardening gadget, as it helps people from all over enjoy the wonderful benefits gardening can bring, even if they don't have any access to the outdoors. 

As if the PICO planters weren't awesome enough, they also are a great way to help the planet. Proving their sustainability, PICO's partnership with "One Tree Planted" ensures a single tree is planted for each PICO order, helping to fulfill their mission of planting 100,000 trees. 

And if you still need proof that PICO planters are changing the gardening game for good, take a look at what people are saying about them online, as they've received tons of praise from trusted publications like Apartment Therapy, Yanko Design, Entrepreneur, and more.

No matter how experienced a green thumb you are, growing your own plants and herbs at home is possible with a little help from the PICO Planter Herb Garden, now just $39.99 at 18% off.


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