The Image You See First In This Personality Test Reveals What Gives You Anxiety In Relationships

Personality Test: What Gives You Anxiety In Relationships

The moments we spend falling in love and enjoying long-term relationships with our romantic partners are some of the aspects of life that support all of our best emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health possible. That is, when those relationships are mutually fulfilling and the people within them possess complementary personality traits and characteristics.

Of course, certain experiences can cause enough anxiety in even the most stable people to make them feel nervous and lead them to panic about aspects of being in love. Because no one, not even the most well-matched lovers on this planet, has ever had a relationship lasting a significant amount of time without coming across some bumps in the road along the way.

While conflict is a normal part of human dynamics, it's not something most people enjoy. Because of this, when we're in the first blushes of love, romance, and dating, the vast majority of us become both consciously and unconsciously nervous about potential negative outcomes we know could possibly occur.

Whether these fears are inherent to our specific psychological makeup or seared into our psyche during heartbreaking past experiences, certain cues cause each of our limbic systems — the set of structures in the human brain that "supports a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, motivation, long-term memory and olfaction" — to, in technical terms, totally freak out.

One of the strangest things about how human minds work is that sometimes we aren't even aware of our own triggers. All we know is that we're feeling anxious now, seemingly out of nowhere, and the reason that happened is a secret, even to ourselves!

If you want to figure out what your own subconscious anxiety triggers in regard to romantic relationships, you've got to take this brief, accurate personality test.

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Having this information handy might help you deal with things a little more smoothly the next time this type of panic attack crops up to bite you in your love life.

To begin, make a mental note of the image you see first when you look at the picture below.

Then, scroll down to find out what this personality test reveals about what secretly causes you anxiety in relationships.

If you saw...

1. The person wearing a cloak

If you saw the person wearing a cloak first when you looked at this image, the secret cause of your anxiety in relationships is about the possibility of someone else knowing the full, authentic you.

You dream of forging a powerful connection with that one person who just "gets" you, and at the same time, you are terrified about how vulnerable that would leave you should that person finally arrive. You know full well that in order to have an enduring relationship you'll need allow that person to see you for who you really are, but as much as that makes sense, it's a really scary thing to consider.

Your fears don't have to keep you from finding a love that lasts forever. Be mindful that the natural way you approach life is by operating fully within the defensive zone, let that person know this, and adjust accordingly as you go. Mindfulness is the key.

2. The face

If you saw the face first when you looked at this image, the secret cause of your anxiety in relationships is about your fear of being expected to consider your partner's needs above your own.

This doesn't mean that you're a selfish person. You're just an average Jill (or Jack) who doesn't exactly relish the idea of not being being able to do exactly what you want to do exactly when and how you want to do it, and, hey, that's totally fair!

However, if being in a strong relationship with someone is important to you, you will need to do some work on developing your emotional intelligence and maturity a teeny tiny bit. Sure, taking care of yourself is important, but you can still do that while also taking the needs of this equally fabulous person you love into account as well.

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3. The tree

If you saw the tree first when you looked at this image, the secret cause of your anxiety in relationships is about whether you'll still have enough alone time to spend by yourself.

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Some people might not believe in the concept of extroverts and introverts, but you know it's for real because when you don't get time to yourself, you become a totally different, totally awful person. So in order to be in a great relationship with someone, you often find yourself wondering, do you have to be with them all of the time? Because, if so, ouch.

If you fall in love with someone who understands you and truly wants to be with you, they will understand your need for solo time. Don't let these kinds of "what ifs" keep you from putting yourself out there and making a love connection that can truly go the distance.

4. The moon

If you saw the moon first when you looked at this image, the secret cause of your anxiety in relationships is about the fear of having your heart broken beyond all hope of repair.

For some people, the beginning of a relationship is all about the hope, fresh starts, and about the future, whatever all of that means for them.

For you, though, the beginning of a relationship consumes you with worries, as you ruminate on the thoughts of just how badly this will hurt you when it inevitably if it comes to an end. You desperately want to love and be loved, but you have a hard time believing that a happy ending lies somewhere among the cards of your life.

Don't allow concerns about what might possibly happen keep you from searching for the kind of love you deserve. All stories have a beginning, middle, and ending, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth telling. It's time for you to start enjoying your own.

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